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Concrete Wall


My latest  EP :Triptych: includes 3 songs
*Electric kind of love
*Another day 
*Broken hearts club

A Philosophical, intimate and futuristic electronic musical work by 
The Israeli versatile creator, singer songwriter Harel Abudi 

 The electronic EP: TRIPTYCH

 includes touches of TRIP HOP R.N.B and indie

saws strong female voice, with a mesmerizing sound and a feeling of Chaotic erotic romance.

The visual asks questions about vulnerability, loss of
Humanity and fear of the alienation that the future holds for us in our technological world.


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This is  the first song reliesed. in the video
The creator's eldest son, Theo Michael, is the boy who appears in the current music video,
This is a conCept CREATION which provokes thought about our near future between robots and the developing artificial intelligence and about the future of music in particular

The process in the studio was one of healing, not consciously creating any style but building melodies. The listeners points out refrences to Portishead Air and Massive attack .

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